Project Description


Herzform Diamantenringe in 750 Weissgold und 750 Roségold mit Brillanten 1.0ct. gefasst in 4 Griff Chaton mit seitlichem Brillantenpavé Diamantenring handmontiert mit naturfarbenen gelben Radiantschliff Diamanten 10.08ct.gefasst in Gelbgold-Chaton mit Doppelgriffen, Ringschiene mit Trillanten in 950 Platin Ein Paar Brillant Ohrstecker mit 6 Griff Chaton in 750 Weissgold

Symbolism of the diamond

The diamond was created in the depth of the earth, under heat and pressure, and carried up to the earth’s surface by volcanoes. Due to its density and durability the diamond is a symbol of love and eternity. Color, clarity, carat weight and cut determine the value. The diamond holds the greatest value within the smallest volume. Subtle distinctions mean great differences in value. That is why buying a diamond is a matter of trust. We are happy to advise you free of charge and look for stones at the best price-performance ratio for you.

Setting diamonds

Perfectly cut and expertly set and then lovingly worn, the diamond can unfold its magic and show an optimum of brilliance. Thanks to our many years of experience, it is possible for us to carry out the vision of your piece of jewelry in our workshop, from the design to the production to the setting of the diamond. Just as small differences have a big effect with diamonds, the love of detail and skill are also decisive in the setting. It is our utmost wish to enable you to wear your diamond with joy for a lifetime and your investment will be worthwhile.