Project Description


Wappenring in 750 Gelbgold mit Onix, Vollwappen nach Vorlage graviert und mit Feingold eingelegt Ein Paar Ohrstecker handmontiert aus Spiraldraht in 750 Rotgold Exklusiver Herrenring gearbeitet in 950 Platin mit seltenem Kobalt Spinell rund facettiert 3.88ct. und 60 Brillanten Pavégefasst. Libellen Brosche nach Kundenwunsch handmontiert in 750 Roségold mit Smaragd, Rubinen und Opalen

Statement jewelry

Statement jewelry is for those who want to make an impression. It’s jewelry with its own character, composed of minerals, sparkling stones and precious metals: rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings or brooches, whatever your heart desires. We work to combine different colors and shapes to emphasize your personality without taking away from their effect as accessories.

Men’s jewelry

Are you looking for high-quality men’s jewelry off the beaten track? Do you have an individual idea? Come by and talk to us. We often develop ideas together with our customers and implement them according to their wishes. We are happy to hear about your inspiration and further develop your idea.