Project Description


Ohrclips in 750 Weissgold mit rund facettierten Alexandriten und Alexandrit Katzenaugen mit Tahitiperlen-Tropfen Tahiti Kulturperlenring in 750 Roségold mit Feder in 950 Platin Kundenanfertigung eines Paar Südsee Perlen Ohrhänger mit Brillanten und beweglichem Blatt aus 750 Weissgold Ein Paar Ohrstecker mit Südseeperlen-Tropfen, Brillanten und pink Turmalinen 1.41ct.

From natural pearl to cultured pearl

«God’s tears», as pearls are called, are a miracle of nature from the depths of the ocean. Irresistible and captivating, a pearl is the result of a natural defense reaction of the oyster against a foreign body which has grown (natural pearls) or has been placed (cultured pearls) in an encasement of mother-of-pearl-forming tissue. Natural pearls are extremely rare and precious. The oysters are searched for under difficult conditions by divers and brought to the surface. Today we mainly use cultured pearls. The length of the breeding phase determines the thickness of the mother-of-pearl layer. The oysters are kept and cared for in nets or baskets in an optimal water environment. Few of the pearls harvested after years of work offer top quality, making them as the precious as they are today.

Quality characteristics of the pearls

The criteria for cultured pearls are shape, size, luster, surface quality and color. The luster is influenced by the thickness of the mother-of-pearl layer as well as the surface quality and is decisive for the beauty of the pearl. The pearls are collected over many years, sorted according to shape, size and color and then combined into pairs for earrings or used for necklaces. The perfectly round pearls are traded at the highest prices. Other shapes like «button» or «baroque» are charming as well. The range of pearls on offer is as varied as the taste of our customers.