Project Description


Alliance Ring in 750 Gelbgold mit 134 Vollschliff Brillanten TW SI 1.52ct.von Eduard Nadig Alliance Ring in 750 Gelbgold mit Vollschliff Brillanten Ohrclips in Gelb-Weiss-und Rotgold mit Brillanten Alliance Ring in 750 Weissgold mit 22 Vollschliff Brillanten 1.98ct. TW IF

Vintage Jewelry

It is astonishing how timelessly modern many antique pieces of jewelry still look nowadays making classic jewelry still in trend. It is our aspiration to preserve, care for and breathe new life into the precious objects created by master craftsmen. Our range includes antiques from the 19th century to jewelry from the 21st century.

Purchase of jewelry

We evaluate your jewelry free of charge and make you an equitable offer. Our offer can be considerably higher than the value of the old gold, as we evaluate according to various criteria such as condition, workmanship, gemstones, design and resale value.

Jewelry care

The purchased jewelry pieces are professionally inspected, refreshed and brought to new splendor in our workshop. We check the stone settings and rework them if necessary. We replace missing stones with stones from the same period in order to preserve the character and originality of the jewelry. Our vintage jewelry assortment enables us to offer you high-quality «jewelry with a history» at a reasonable price. Some pieces are shown here. Our vintage range is constantly being expanded. We are happy to advise you and look forward to your visit.