Project Description


Ohrhänger mit Bambuslinsen gefasst in 750 Gelbgold Mokume Gane Ring tordiert in Palladium und Silber Areka-Palmnuss Collier mit handmontierten Collierteilen in 750 Gelbgold und 585 Palladium Mokumegane Ringpaar in, Gold, Silber und Palladium

Jewelry inspirations

Nicht nur die Natur und von Menschen geschaffene Werke sind ein In addition to being inspired by nature and man-made works, new environments and culture are an inspirational vision for our jewelry. Impressions of my two-year stay in Namibia, and my various travels have been incorporated in this collection. Silver, gold, platinum, palladium, natural materials and precious objects from all over the world fuse into a «connection of cultures».

Natural jewelry materials

Natural materials such as wood, bone, tortoiseshell, horn, hair etc. have a long tradition in jewelry making. However, they have been judged more critically recently. We think this is a pity and do not want to be restricted by prejudices. If carefully and conscientiously selected, natural materials also have their justification. Openness and curiosity are imperative for gaining new experiences in the world of jewelry, and we contribute our experiences to the development of our unique jewelry.