Ein Paar Ohrstecker in 750 Roségold mit roten Spinellen 2.24 ct.und Brillant Entourage Anhänger handgearbeitet in 750 Weissgold mit rotem Spinell-Herz und Brillant Entourage abgedeckt gefasst Ein Paar Ohrstecker in 750 Weissgold mit blauen Spinellen 2.28ct. und Brillant Entourage Kundenanfertigung eines Anhängers handmontiert in 750 Weissgold mit einem roten Spinell gefasst in vier Griffe und Brillant Entourage

Ornamental architecture

Na­ture is the grea­test ar­chi­tect and an in­ex­haus­ti­ble source of in­spi­ra­tion, but man-made works in­spire some of our je­welry de­sign. We em­brace life with our eyes wide open in or­der to be in­spi­red in many ways. Con­tem­po­rary and clas­sic ele­ments are united in our pie­ces of je­welry. Stun­ning ar­rays of light are crea­ted by com­bi­ning ar­chi­tec­tu­rally in­spi­red set­tings, co­lorful gems and diamonds.

Jewelry materials

There is a great va­riety of ma­te­ri­als from which je­welry is made. We are open-min­ded in the sel­ec­tion of ma­te­ri­als and use dif­fe­rent me­tals and al­loys as well as pre­cious stones, wood, horn and much more. We at­tach great im­portance to the careful sel­ec­tion of pre­cious and dura­ble ma­te­ri­als. We do not only pay at­ten­tion to qua­lity and cha­risma, but su­s­taina­bi­lity is also an im­portant fo­cus and cri­te­ria of ours.



The tour­ma­line is available in al­most any color.
It is the so-cal­led „Bird of Pa­ra­dise“ of the pre­cious stones.
Its shape al­lows to wear mul­ti­ple rings.
We com­bine the vi­brantly co­lo­red tour­ma­li­nes with matching pre­cious me­tals such as pla­ti­num, white gold, yel­low gold, rose gold or red gold.
The tour­ma­li­nes are sel­ec­ted by our part­ner in Bra­zil, cut, and di­rectly im­por­ted to us wi­t­hout a middleman.
You‘re wel­come to stop by to mar­vel at our rings and try them on in our shop at Neumarkt.