born 1973 Vitznau/Luzern

In 1990, I began a four-year goldsmith apprenticeship at Gübelin Ateliers AG in Luzern. I was taught the techniques of classic jewelry making but also had a chance to develop my own designs.

After completing the apprenticeship, I attended another three-year training to become a jewelry setter. In the following years, I have had an opportunity to work at various renowned jewelry shops in Zurich. This enabled me to expand my experience and proficiency in goldsmith craftsmanship, sales, as well as creating my own style of jewelry.

From 2005 to 2007, I worked at African Art Jewellers in Namibia, Africa, where I got to know various native materials and incorporated them as jewelery elements in my designs.

In August 2010, my dream of owning my own company became a reality. On March 1, 2017, after six successful years at Schaffhauserplatz in Zurich, I moved to Neumarkt in Zurich’s famous Niederdorf quarter.

My diverse background and experience enables me to implement my vision of combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary jewelry design, inspired by nature, architecture and ethnological influences.