Men’s ring made in palladium 500, two naturally colored diamonds and a Swiss smoky quartz.

Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry for men has been neglected by jewelers for years. At best a man wears a watch and a wedding band. However, if you look for high-quality, unique men’s jewelry that is not mass-produced, the range is limited. Therefore our aim is to provide exclusive, carefully designed and custom-made jewelry for men.


Our new men’s ring is inspired by a spaceship from mysterious alien galaxies gliding through the vastness of the universe. The palladium 500 surface is hand-engraved and partly blackened. The flexible size provides comfort. Two diamonds are embedded in a star pattern on both sides with a large Swiss smoky quartz on top.


The rare palladium belongs to the precious platinum metals and possesses their characteristics. It is much lighter though and slightly darker in color. Palladium is neglected in jewelry making which is a pity. It is mainly used as an alloying metal in white gold, in nanotechnology and in catalysts. Palladium can be used in many ways and is perfectly suitable for men’s jewelry. For our new ring we use an alloy of silver and palladium, which can be blackened.

Swiss Smoky Quartz

In ancient times smoky quartz was revered as a protective stone and was supposed to warn the wearer of danger by turning dark. Our Swiss smoky quartz is a beautiful dark Morion from the Grimsel area. It was cut in Switzerland to match our latest creation.