Goldschmied Schmuck Züri-Leu Entwurf Design

Recently, I was allowed to make a men’s ring with the abstracted family crest for a client. This beautiful customization has given me the impetus to implement an idea that I’ve been carrying with me for a long time: to make a men’s ring with the Zurich heraldic animal.

On a beautiful morning, I once again enjoyed the scenery of the old town in front of my shop and looked towards the Grimmenturm, where a golden Zurich leu sprang up in the sun on the top of the tower. The Grimmenturm is photographed by visitors every day and often serves as a background for selfies. For some time I thought about integrating the view of this magnificent tower into a piece of jewelery. The simple, abstracted Zurich-Leu appealed to me right away. As I found out, graphic artist Ernst Keller designed the weather vane in the 1960s.

Thus, the two ideas of Zurich-Leu and the Grimmenturm found together in a piece of jewelry and wanted to be put into action.

The ring is made in 500 palladium, with a spring in 750 rose gold, which can be adjusted depending on the ring size. The hand-engraved Zurich-Leu is gilded and stands out against the white palladium, like the original on the tower from the sky, when the lion shines in the sun.

You are welcome to try on the ring, I look forward to your visit.